There are 5 Principal Elements within the GLAS framework. They represent the 5 areas of life, work, families, communication and so on. Once you understand these, you’ll be on the road to understanding how to make a real impact and drive sustainable success.

There are 5 Connecting Elements that hold the Principal Elements together. These Connectors were discovered by examining the core leadership traits that sit in outstanding businesses, for successful people and those that are truly fulfilled. The 5 Connectors have two sides, a light and a darker side.

  2. CHOICE          CONTROL
  3. GIFTS              HELPLESS
  4. PASSION        EMPTY
  5. HOPE              FEAR

Kindness is something that is vital to the way we lead our lives and businesses, families and relationships.

Why? Well kindness:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces stress
  • builds empathy and compassion
  • aids sleep
  • reduces judgement….and so it goes on, the list is too long to include!

Dani Saveker began experimenting with kindness in 2016 and continues to carry out a daily act of kindness because she also believes that she needs to be the change she wishes to see in the world; who wouldn’t want to live in a kinder world?

Each of the Connectors works as if it was a thread and so when you’re kinder, you will automatically be more hopeful, make better choices, have passion in what you do and see the gifts around you. Equally you will find that those that are fearful are judgemental, feel helpless, try to control and have an emptiness.

You can read more at the INSPIRE KINDNESS website

Talk to us about building better leadership skills for life…each of these Connectors runs through the 5 Principal Elements of life. Watch Dani’s annual videos of kindness…