GLAS Play – Begin

“To begin, begin”

Beginning with a first step is the only way to get started and so we have created a quick experience of GLAS Play for you to take your first step begin your own journey.

The power of this GLAS Play page is within the awareness and understanding that it helps to provide you with. You’ll need to write down your answers that intuitively come to mind – don’t over think it! This is where we recommend everyone begins their journey into GLAS.

We find that many people who go through GLAS Play are often inspired to perhaps think a little more about themselves and how they interact with the world around them. As a next step, many ask us how GLAS could be applied to their life, projects, business and relationships – so why not give it a go and work through GLAS Play with a member of our team!

The process this uses is called GLAS Visual Perception Analysis – read more about this here

Whether you’re facing challenges, struggles, too many “should do’s”, relationship concerns, stuck in life or business or just facing experiencing GLAS – this is a great place to start.

GLAS Play, and all of our work, is designed to help you reframe, consider and discover and so there is never a right or wrong answer!

Finally, if you complete the questions in any way, we hold the answers in the strictest confidence. This is a very personal process and we protect and respect that.

You have two options…

  1. Go through a quick experience free of charge and see what that shows you – option 1
  2. Go through a much more detailed process which will create a full and detailed personal report specifically for you by a member of the GLAS team – option 2

Option 1: Complete the short online process and have an automated report
Option 2: To complete the full online process and receive a detailed 23 + page report, click here for GLAS Play – Begin. 

Fantastic! You’ve taken a peek through GLAS…

now share your responses with one of the GLAS Team