The GLAS Map is what is produced by working through the GLAS Base Programme – whether as an individual, or team developing the business culture and alignment.

In addition to this, clients create a specific set of criteria they are able to use for decision making and strategies – with clarity and confidence

Building your personal GLAS Map is the start of your journey. This allows you to fully experience the clarity and benefits of looking at every aspect of life through a new lens. From here you’ll be able to make better decisions, feel empowered and confident and enjoy your journey with a better GLAS Operating System.

Once you’ve built your own GLAS Map, you can use this process within all aspects of your life.

GLAS Maps are just as important to businesses and you should be able to create a GLAS Map to support strategy and growth. You can use the process to help overcome challenges, conversations, projects and so on. We’ve even seen it used to resolve conflict and support medical procedures with outstanding results.

The Process: GLAS Base Programme

We can take you through a 10 step process to bring your system into your consciousness and allow you to begin building your own GLAS Map and gain alignment across all elements.

As an individual, the process can be run at your pace with a combination of one to one sessions, Skype sessions and home-play to develop and apply your understanding. To complete your GLAS Map in this way, drop us a note to receive the pricing structures and your desired timescale and context.

Who is GLAS for?

The simple answer to that question is everyone in any situation. Whether there is a conscious awareness of struggle and sense of being stuck – at work, at home or in life – or things seem to be going well apart from the odd niggle here and there, GLAS gets you, and helps you stay, on track and aligned.

We work with families and family businesses, entrepreneurs, professional service firms, individuals, children and sports teams. Have a look at the following specific areas: