GLAS for Relationships

We are built to be in relationships – whether as romantic relationships, family, work-based or community relationships. That being said, relationships can be the cause of tension, insecurities and fear.


GLAS sets out to help connect people and manage, and nurture, expectations as well as improve communication and compassion – resulting in better behaviours and approaches.

From parent / child relationships through to spousal relationships and from working or sports teams to friendships, we are all juggling communication, expectations and perspectives. Most of us seek external validation and feedback and with increasing social media focus, to name just one thing,  we are losing a sense of connection, empathy and compassion. So that’s where GLAS can step in.

Some of the issues we work with:

  • Gender roles – including in the family
  • Multi generational challenges
  • Communication
  • Expectations
  • Same sex
  • The world and society impacting relationships
  • Connection issues
  • Technology being an impact
  • Varying agendas
  • Comparing relationships to the ‘ideal’
  • Individual identity within the relationship
  • Team performance

GLAS for Relationships will help realign, strength and create exciting opportunities for improve cohesion and harmony. For all teams this can lead to greater innovation and creativity and for families it helps enable safety and harmony.

“Using GLAS for 25 mins each day saved our marriage” – client