GLAS for Kids

We firmly believe that inspiring children and the future generation is an essential component of our work. We also know that GLAS offers huge benefits to children in helping shape their characters, beliefs and sense of identity.

GLAS is also ideal for teachers and other support staff as well as parents.


Using age appropriate language and examples together with playful and interactive delivery means that we can help support them in developing their own understanding of:

  • Kindness
  • Choice
  • Passions
  • Gifts
  • Hope

String of Kindness display
String of Kindness display

Our work begins to help our young people connect to their identity, relationships, education, wider world and community and their future – the five principal elements of GLAS.

The 5 Principal Elements of GLAS are adapted to suit the needs of children and young adults allowing them to explore:

  1. Themselves – past and present
  2. Their relationships with others
  3. What they do and the results
  4. The world around them and community
  5. Their future and purpose.

Watch a short film about a year of Kindness – which we can use in assemblies and presentations:

We have now worked with hundreds of primary school children in exploring these concepts – through Dani Saveker delivering inspirational talks – and through GLAS workshops featuring our famous ‘String of Kindness’ and our GLAS Adventurers – the children collect stickers as they travel through 5 GLAS Worlds!


GLAS Kind Book
GLAS Kind Book







To find out more or explore the possibility of our team delivering a workshop or even just an assembly to talk, please get in touch with us

We are also in the process of developing:

  • GLAS for Uni
  • GLAS for High School