GLAS for Individuals

The work we do with individuals is tailored to specific needs but starts with creating a sense of balance, discovering where you want to get to and working with you to build your personal GLAS Map. Understanding your purpose as well as your identity is critical in the work we do.

Society, education and organisations are designed ‘inside-out’ with great focus on results and ‘doing’ along with external expectation rather than tackling source issues and beliefs. It’s also built around the here and now and immediate and short term rather than the future or dealing with, and resolving, the past.

Individuals can typically come to us as / for:

  • New parents
  • Children leaving the nest
  • Through loss or trauma
  • Facing a lack of purpose or meaning
  • Facing retirement or exiting a business
  • Exhaustion – stuck on the treadmill
  • Relationship break down
  • Facing decisions and choices
  • Leaving university or school
  • Starting a new venture, career or business
  • Building confidence and overcoming issues

Most of us do feel overwhelmed at some point as well as lost and in search of meaning – in all or part of our lives. GLAS, at it’s very heart, was designed to improve this so every aspect of your life could align and be what you dream it could be.

GLAS for Individuals will support and enable you to:

  • Discover and master who you really are – in your own right
  • Have difficult conversations positively
  • Understand yourself in a whole new way
  • Understand your purpose
  • Create a better ‘GLAS Operating System‘ for your life
  • Consider your desired outcomes
  • Begin making impactful decisions and set priorities
  • Build better relationships
  • Embrace choices, hope and focus – removing the feeling of loneliness and overwhelm
  • Accelerate you towards the career, next chapter or part of the journey you dream of

We believe that by building your GLAS Map across five principal elements, connecting through specific leadership qualities and supporting with guiding elements is the only way to live and work in a fulfilling and successful manner.

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