GLAS for Family Business

Dani Saveker lived every part of being within a family business as a fourth generation CEO in her family’s manufacturing business.

Much of the development for GLAS came from the range of assorted challenges, highs and lows she, and her family, faced. From making family members redundant to creating future plans and from an MBO to building outstanding management teams – Dani lived it all. She had to deal with non employed family shareholders, multiple generations, charitable work and balancing a commercial entity with over 105 years of history.

GLAS is now the tool that sits behind the company that she founded in 2012 to provide essential support and forward thinking to family enterprises. Families in Business remains part of the GLAS family to provide the highly specialist help needed for family businesses.

“Nothing provides support, guidance and clarity – or resolves issues, tensions and resolution, like GLAS can across every level of business and life. I just wish I’d had it when I was running our family business!” – Dani Saveker

Here’s just a sample of how GLAS can be used within family businesses:

  • succession
  • family dynamics
  • future proofing
  • culture
  • governance
  • roles and responsibilities
  • communication
  • ownership
  • exiting / retirement / life planning / buy outs
  • balancing life
  • unsticking the business

Dani and her team have worked with every challenge a family business can throw up and found that each element of GLAS helps to unlock, shift and improve life in and around family businesses as well as projects, decisions and family alignment.