GLAS for Business

We have worked with many many family business, professional firms, organisations and charities where there is an overwhelming feeling of ‘stuck’. Whether this is in a project, strategy or overall. This is caused by misalignment which often starts with individuals and moves to the relationships while impacting teams, departments and the overall culture.

GLAS for Business is focused on Inspiring the Possibilities 

GLAS is ideal for all areas within and around business, for example:

  • succession issues
  • family business matters of any nature
  • team building
  • project management
  • change and innovation
  • strategy creation and implementation
  • culture
  • recruitment and on boarding
  • confidence building
  • business growth
  • brand positioning
  • problem solving …

From over 20 years of experience, research and development we know how to move from this frustrating and toxic state to one of energy, creativity and acceleration.

All of the other applications for GLAS actually lead to this one; we know that by developing individuals as well as teams and families, we can resolve most of the tension and barriers to growth. This in turn develops your connection to the external markets and world – building your brand and ultimately the value of your business.

We work closely with several partner organisations who understand GLAS and the framework and can then further support the “business” needs.