Kindness in Action

We run GLAS workshops in schools although the students don’t necessarily realise that’s what they are doing. This is because we just focus on one of the elements of GLAS, mainly Kindness. Today  saw us complete the third workshop of three at a Midlands primary schools. This takes the running total to over 1000 primary school children that we’ve presented to.

There were so many highlights across these three workshops, and whole school assembly, but in particular here are our top three:


The WOW question

We invite the students to ask anything they’d like at the beginning of the session. One student asked:

“what’s the kindest thing you’ve ever said to someone?”.


We commit to answer any question honestly but this particular question threw us. At the end of the session we were reminded of the promise of answering all questions and so with a long pause and much thought, the answer was:

“I’m enough”


The explanation was that the kindest thing you can ever say to anyone is that they are enough just as they 

are. We also explained how it’s most important to say it to yourself.

What’s easiest?

We ask students to write down all the bad things, negative feelings and results of unkindness. They then repeat the exercise for kindness listing all the positive things. Today, one of the GLAS team asked the students which list was easier to write and the reply was the negative list. When we talked about it we agreed that it’s because we are far more comfortable saying negative things to ourselves and others – kindness is a choice and has to be conscious and an effort very often. It’s definitely time to choose kindness.

What’s the meaning of kindness?

This has been asked in two ways – one as the definition and the other as the origin of the word. We have our own definition of KINDNESS:

“To give without exception or expectation starting with yourself first”

The origin of the word was a bigger challenge but we found the answer and shared it:

The word kindness comes from the cognate word, kinned, that is, one of the same kin or race; acknowledging and reminding us of the fact that all men are brethren — all of the same blood — and therefore they should all act as brethren. All who are of the same kindred should be kind.


Kin: a group of persons descended from a common ancestor orconstituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.

These questions and answers all apply to any aspect of life and business. This is why KINDNESS is a connecting element within GLAS and so vital. It also shows how we can all take something from the amazing questions:

  1. Accept that you are enough just as you are and say it to yourself
  2. Choose kindness even when it’s not easy
  3. Remember the meaning of kindness is part of ‘connecting’ to others around you – and that includes better connecting to yourself