About GLAS

We believe that humanity is increasingly facing challenges around balance, ability to cope with a changing work and fast paced life, connection and compassion and the ability to look ahead and live a life of fulfilment. GLAS is a living system to help with all of this.

GLAS provides you with the clarity and confidence to drive sustained success
GLAS gives structure for teams, relationships, projects, cultures, business and people

In addition to this, we are all about to, currently or have been facing transition; by transition we mean moving or passing from one state or condition to another. This can be health, start of a career, house move, divorce, loss, beginning a family, retirement, change of job, acquiring a business… GLAS is ideal for helping turn these transitions into possibilities and opportunities.

97% of people are struggling to balance life

The issues we are experiencing will continue to get increasingly challenging and so new thinking is needed to tackle this and the effects felt – on our families, next generation, businesses, society and economy. However, as a living system it is also able to enhance any aspect of work, life and relationships.

GLAS is a system that can benefit every aspect of life – and compliments and supports all other business and life systems. This system is owned by GLAS Group Ltd and run under a license model.

GLAS is a system for ‘the whole person’ throughout their ‘whole life’. This means we focus on every part of a person and help them build alignment and then support how this is applied this through out their whole life – as they grow and develop which never stops.

As a first step, GLAS provides a lens to look at life differently and addresses the fact society calls for us to focus on ‘doing’ and results rather the source (being each individual) and purpose. We have developed an approach to begin this process in a playful and insightful manner using GLAS Visual Perception Analysis.

An example of how this “inside-out” approach is failing us can been seen in the increasing self harm figures and 495% increase in the number of prescriptions being issued for anti-depressants since 1991.

GLAS carefully takes you through discovery, awareness, understanding and implementation providing balance and connecting you to a sense of purpose.

GLAS is also an ideal tool for financial planners, accountants, legal advisers, sports coaches, business advisors, teachers and parents.

We all have a personal GLAS system of our own – our own unique world view. So what does GLAS comprise of?

Simply put, GLAS has:

  • 5 principal elements
  • 5 connecting elements
  • 5 guiding elements (2 final elements were recently added)

Once you have mastered these, and understood how they inter-connect with each other, you will be able to build your own GLAS Map and begin to embrace the benefits throughout your life.

GLAS can be used for individuals, it can help with business strategies, it can be used for teams and relationship dynamics, succession and future proofing. It’s even possible to use to help face and cope with adversity, weight loss, stress, career progression and sporting endeavours.

GLAS is the most important and useful system that you will ever discover. It is also the greatest gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and your business.