One Framework, Infinite Possibilities

What GLAS is built upon:

Dani Saveker, GLAS Founder:

“From growing up in and around a family business, forging an unexpected career and ultimately closing the 106 year old business, I discovered more than I dreamt possible about family, business, individuals and the way in which these interact with the world.

When faced with, what I believed to be the worst day of my life, in 2009 when I had to close the business, I set out to find answers to a vast array of questions. While I hoped to find the answers, I actually found more questions; my questions showed me that it wasn’t actually about the business my great grandfather founded but about life, the world and people in general.

I now believe the closure of the business and my time there was the greatest gift, and therefore day, of my life.

I had been frustrated about the lack of understanding for family businesses and wanted to know why so many of us were striving to be “successful” but felt lost and alone. There wasn’t a structure to help, use or guide me – or any of my family business clients. This led to taking all of the many lessons and years of experience, and great deal of research,  to design and build a methodology and framework to make sense, gain clarity and use across three areas; personal, specific and shared:

  1. Personal:   how to design and live the way you want
  2. Specific:  design and implement projects and identified needs such as succession, communication, retirement etc
  3. Shared:  help teams, groups and families work better together in an aligned culture towards a consistent vision

The framework, regardless of the initial requirement, can then be applied across all areas of your life and goes way beyond family business.”

GLAS is now being used in the UK, Australia, Canada and with individuals, children, entrepreneurs, teams, large businesses and family businesses – there’s something for everyone! We have even developed hybrid versions for accountants and lawyers to use as a framework.

We enable you to:

  • Spark instant results by changing perspective, even just a little
  • Discover the ‘WHY’ for business, teams, families and individuals
  • Build aligned, creative and dynamic behaviours in teams
  • Unlock the needs and wants in relationships
  • Have extraordinary communication
  • Discover the outcomes you really seek across all aspects of business and life
  • Gain a sense of simplicity and focus
  • Feel positive about the changing world and it’s opportunities
  • Build person responsibility for team, family and relationships
  • Never feel alone again
  • Take the GLAS framework within you in all aspects of business, challenges and family
  • Design a flexible and resilient road map needed to achieve your outcomes
  • Gain a sense of balance and strength to deal with whatever gets thrown at you

“GLAS: The spark that ignites the magic of possibilities, building future proof businesses and relationships as you go”

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GLAS is the perfect system to inspire, support and develop team dynamics, problem solving, decision making, change management, career choices among many more applications. Click to see how you can start your own GLAS journey

We firmly believe that GLAS is the most important investment you can make and will be the greatest gift you can give yourself, your loved ones, your clients and your business.