GLAS gives the confidence and clarity to drive sustainable success

by providing a powerful structure 

for teams, businesses and individuals...

We enable you to:

  • Spark instant results by changing perspective, even just a little
  • Discover the ‘WHY’ for business, teams, families and individuals
  • Build aligned, creative and dynamic behaviours in teams
  • Unlock the needs and wants in relationships
  • Have extraordinary communication
  • Discover the outcomes you really seek across all aspects of business and life
  • Gain a sense of simplicity and focus
  • Feel positive about the changing world and it’s opportunities
  • Build person responsibility for team, family and relationships
  • Never feel alone again
  • Take the GLAS framework within you in all aspects of business, challenges and family
  • Design a flexible and resilient road map needed to achieve your outcomes
  • Gain a sense of balance and strength to deal with whatever gets thrown at you

GLAS equips you…

  1. It’s an intuitive framework that empowers and enables businesses, families and individuals to thrive
  2. Brings together all of the elements of a business and / or life
  3. Uses a creative, flexible and playful array of unique tools


  • Discovery Session – for a first experience group session 4 hours
  • Your GLAS Base Programme – for individuals run over 6 sessions
  • Team GLAS Base Programme (G-Pace) – for groups and teams run over 10 sessions
  • Family Business GLAS Base Programme – bespoke version for family and owner managed businesses.
  • Check in Support – regularly update sessions for individuals or teams to stay balanced (confident) and aligned (with clarity)
  • Annual Calibration – annual refresher to rebalance / realign individuals or teams

What Else…

  • Focused support – using VPA or specific tools
  • White-labelled licence
  • Junior Programmes 
  • Bespoke development 

“GLAS: The spark that ignites the magic of possibilities, building future proof businesses and relationships as you go”

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GLAS is the perfect system to inspire, support and develop team dynamics, problem solving, decision making, change management, career choices among many more applications. Click to see how you can start your own GLAS journey

We firmly believe that GLAS is the most important investment you can make and will be the greatest gift you can give yourself, your loved ones, your clients and your business.